Compression Suit

Using a skin-tight fabric, the Active suit will have a seamless design and fit. Sticking to the concept of, ‘everything is going wireless’, the suit will provide a full range of movement as well as comfort. We have also created these in a wide range of sizes, to suit every body type. Hygienically designed, this anti-bacterial fabric is not only suitable for sensitive skin but also produces high energy conductivity of the electrodes.


Total Body Activation

The Active suit was designed to target all major muscle groups in the body. Fitness enthusiasts will be excited to know that split trainings are no longer required to achieve their fitness goals and are a thing of the past as Active system delivers total body workout in every session. Instead of having to spend hours in the gym to achieve their fitness goals, now it can be done in the comfort of their homes. Raising and reducing intensity of trainings are just one click away.


The Active Device

The sleekly designed device has a built-in battery with 3 hours of run time, OLED display, safety features and warm-up indicators. It’s portable and lightweight, and has a user-friendly interface to assist in all trainings.



The Active Suit checks all the 3C’s: Compact, Convenient & Capable - making it the most travel friendly EMS exercise product in the world. The idea behind keeping it compact, and as user-friendly as possible. Workouts can now be done anytime and anywhere and its hassle free. Gear up, switch ON the system and get the effective training that you deserve.


The Active Mode

Studies have been conducted across all EMS related businesses that Strength modes are proven to be most popular. Therefore, we placed all our focus on developing an effective yet versatile program called the Active mode.

This unique program is not only specifically catered to assist strength trainings but it can also be used with other trainings such as, cardio, endurance and fat-burning. This home use product revolutionises the way you train and brings training at home to a whole new level at the touch of your fingertips.

What is EMS?

Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) is an electrical impulse applied locally, which stimulates the muscles and causes a physiological contraction. This is a replication of the natural process controlled by the brain. Its main objective is to strengthen the muscle either in addition to exercise or as part of muscle rehabilitation, relieve pain, improve blood circulation, reduce and remove cellulite.

More benefits of EMS includes:

  • Total body workout in every session
  • Faster strength gains and fat loss
  • Better recruitment of muscle fibers
  • Improved metabolism and circulation
  • Gentle on joints

How does Active work?

Active system delivers refined electrical impulses to the muscles via electrodes in the Active suit.

These impulses enables the body to recruit up to 90% muscle fibers during each contraction compared to 70% during conventional training.

This increase recruitment allows for faster fitness improvements and a much shorter training time and is equivalent to 3-4 hours of conventional training.

The impulses from the Active system provides resistance for training which are gentle on the joints.

Training intensity is also fully adjustable to suit individual’s training level.